What is your role in vocation ministry and how long have you had it?

I've been the director of vocation ministry for the De La Salle Christian Brothers, Midwest District for three years.

Are you part of a vocation team?

Yes, currently four of us are on our vocation team; we are each located on one of our three university campuses.

Has being a member of NRVC been helpful to you?

Yes, enormously helpful, right from the start. I started right as the pandemic hit, so unfortunately my orientation was all online, hardly ideal in a ministry that is so relational, but I found the sessions and manual very helpful. Brother Chris Patiño, F.S.C. was a true mentor for me, and he recommended that I get involved with NRVC both nationally and locally. And so I have! The 2022 convocation in Spokane was delightful, letting me finally meet my peers in person, rather than on a screen.

What ideas have you used lately that you have been excited about?

The most helpful for me has been all the screening information for new candidates and the ethics around responsible sharing of information. I also find HORIZON very helpful and full of ideas and suggestions.

Is there an insight about this ministry that has been valuable?

I serve as an agent for my province, and while I certainly advocate for a new candidate and his possible progression in formation, I must always remember that my primary concern is to assess whether this young man is a good fit for our province and culture.

What do you find rewarding  in vocation work?

Accompanying young people as they inquire and discern God's call in their lives. As a former teacher and campus minister, I feel at home with young people and their energy and concerns.

Would you like to share a "fun fact" about yourself?

During a January term in college in Minnesota, I took a calligraphy course taught by a Benedictine nun, and those four cold winter weeks learning calligraphy have served me well for all these years.

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