Board Standing Committees

Board Standing Committees

Much of the work of the Board takes place in committees. A Standing Committee is a permanent committee that serves the NRVC on an ongoing basis. An Ad Hoc committee is a temporary committee that addresses a particular interest or need in a designated time frame.

Committees serve as catalysts and advocates for relevant issues making recommendations to the National Board regarding appropriate procedures, research, and development of particular projects.

Any Board member may request to form a new committee. This request must include: the purpose, composition of membership, time commitment, terms of service, anticipated financial needs and resources, and the responsibilities of the committee. The decision to form the new committee will be approved by the Board through formal vote. 

African American Vocation Committee

The African American Vocation Committee is a standing committee whose purpose is to assist the NRVC members in their work with Black/African American candidates who are discerning religious life. This committee was established in 1994.

Members of the African American Religious Committee include Sister Nicole Trahan, F.M.I. (Chair), Sr. Dina Bato, S.P. (liaison), Sr. Chero Chuma, C.S.J.P., Sr. Josita Colbert, S.N.D.deN., Sr. Patricia Dual, O.P., Fr. Carl Gales, S.V.D., Sr. Magdala Marie Gilbert, O.S.P., Sr. Chala Marie Hill, F.H.M., Ms. Nicole Pumpfrey, and Deacon Melvin Tardy.

Development Committee

The NRVC Development Committee is a standing committee responsible for assisting the NRVC in its effort to maintain a sustainable financial structure for both the near and long term. The Development Committee will assist and advise the NRVC Director of Development in fundraising initiatives and provide consultation for marketing these efforts. The Committee advances the mission of the NRVC through the active pursuit of donors, grants, planned giving, and endowment monies. This committee was established in 2002 and re-established in 2020.

Members of the Development Committee include Mr. Len Uhal (Chair), Ms. Katherine Barth, Mrs. Nancy Costello, Mr. Phil Loftus (liaison), Fr. Adam MacDonald, S.V.D., Mr. Peter Manetas, Ms. Madonna Sutter, Sr. Gail Trippett, C.S.J., and Mr. Guy Vaccaro.

Finance Advisory Committee

The Finance Advisory Committee is a standing committee whose purpose is to assist and advise the Director of Finance and Operations and the National Board in managing and overseeing the financial affairs of the National Religious Vocation Conference. This committee was established in 2001.

Members of the Finance Advisory Committee include Br. Brian Poulin, F.M.S. (Chair), Mr. Mark Alaimo, Mr. Dan Brown, Mrs. Maureen Cetera (liaison), Mr. César Oñate, Mr. Len Uhal, and Sr. Mary Yun, O.P.

Governance Committee

The Governance Committee is a standing committee whose purpose is to assist and advise the National Board and National Office, particularly the Executive Committee, in overseeing and maintaining accountability structures so that the operations of the organization are undertaken in the best interests of the National Religious Vocation Conference. This committee was established in 2020.

Members of the Governance Committee include Friar Mario Serrano, O.F.M. Conv., (Chair), Ms. Marge Argyelan (liaison), Sr. Lisa Laguna, D.C., and Sr. Mary Yun, O.P.

Incorporating Cultural Diversity in Religious Life Committee

The Incorporating Cultural Diversity in Religious Life Committee is a standing committee whose purpose is to assist the National Religious Vocation Conference (NRVC) members in their ministry with culturally diverse candidates who are discerning Religious Life and to provide resources for our members as they work with their own religious congregations to understand and implement cultural diversity. This committee was established in 1993 and re-established in 2020.

Members of the committee include Bro. Joseph Bach, O.F.M. Conv., (Co-Chair), Sr. Margarita Hernandez, S.P. (Co-Chair), Sr. Dina Bato, S.P. (liaison), Mrs. Nancy Costello, Sr. Joni Luna, S.P., Sr. Miriam Mitchell, S.H.Sp., Fr. Henry Nguyen, S.C.J., Fr. Luis Romero, C.M., Bro. Edward Shields, F.S.C., and Sr. Skolastika Wea, S.Sp.S.

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