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All NRVC videos are publicly available on its YouTube Channel. The playlist includes the following topics:

Abundant Hope Series

2020 Study on Recent Vocations to Religious Life

2020 Convocation

2018 Convocation

2016 Convocation

2014 Convocation

Moving Forward in Hope: Absolutely Millennial series

Moving Forward in Hope series

National Fund for Catholic Religious Vocations

National Vocation Awareness Week

Speaker series

VISION Vocation Guide videos

World Youth Day

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Video topics include: 

Giving hope in a time of uncertainty (2020)

Vocation Conference in Rome (2017)

NRVC Members at the Vocation Conference in Rome (2017)

English Speaking Recommendations from the International Conference in Rome (2017)

Interview with Fr. Timothy Radcliffe, OP, from the International Conference in Rome (2017)


Abundant Hope Video Series

Amplify hope in religious life

Spark a conversation about religious life using this new video series of newer entrants and senior professed members talking about their lived experiences of intergenerational and intercultural vowed communal life. 

These short two-three minute videos from a variety of sisters, brothers, and priests can be used in vocation promotion as a way to demonstrate the vitality of consecrated life across generations. They can also be used in community conversations with NRVC's Study and Reflection Guide to enhance vocation ministry. 

All the videos can be accessed directly through the National Religious Vocation Conference YouTube Channel or through the links provided. Thank you to our partners at Franciscan Media who recorded the videos through the generosity of the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation and SOAR!

The NRVC is grateful for the following sisters, brothers, and priests from 61 religious institutes who entered religious life from 1949-2017 for writing a script to share their lived experiences of responding to God's endless call. 

  1. Father Raymond Akumbilim, S.V.D.
  2. Sister Gloria Ardenio Agnes, M.M.
  3. Sister Comfort Arthur, C.S.C.
  4. Brother Joseph Bach, O.S.F.
  5. Sister Barbara Beasley, R.G.S.
  6. Sister Gabrielle Bibeau, F.M.I.
  7. Sister Janice Brown, O.P.
  8. Father George Bur, S.J.
  9. Sister Sarah Cieplinski, SNDdeN
  10. Sister Marie Cinotti, F.M.M.
  11. Sister Josita Colbert, SNDdeN
  12. Father David Cooney, S.D.S.
  13. Sister Jessica Corral, M.E.SS.T.
  14. Sister Grace Marie Del Priore, C.S.S.F.
  15. Sister Vuong Do, F.M.A.
  16. Sister Beatrice Donnellan, S.H.Sp.
  17. Sister Elizabeth Doyle, A.S.C.J.
  18. Father Tom Dunleavy, M.M.
  19. Sister Maria Louise Edwards, C.S.S.F.
  20. Sister Constance FitzGerald, O.C.D.
  21. Sister Kay Fitzgerald, O.S.B.
  22. Sister Katherine Frazier, O.P.
  23. Brother Alfred George, f.m.s.
  24. Sister Magdala Marie Gilbert, O.S.P.
  25. Sister Doreen Glynn, C.S.J.
  26. Sister Maria Gomez, SSND
  27. Sister Ana Gonzalez, O.P.
  28. Sister Virginia Gordon, R.G.S.
  29. Sister Doris Goudeaux, S.S.F.
  30. Sister Alison Green, S.S.M.O.
  31. Sister Megan Grewing, C.D.P.
  32. Sister Deirdre Griffin, S.S.J.
  33. Sister Cor Immaculatum Heffernan, I.H.M.
  34. Sister Donna Marie Ivanko, S.S.C.M.
  35. Deacon Scott Jakubowski, C.M.
  36. Sister Tracy Kemme, S.C.
  37. Sister Jeanette Kong, V.D.M.F.
  38. Brother Peter Lamick, C.S.V.
  39. Brother Paschal Listi, fbp
  40. Sister Evelyn Lobo, S.Sp.S.
  41. Sister Patricia Marie Lohre, I.W.B.S.
  42. Sister Barbara Ann Lum, S.S.J.
  43. Father Gerard Luttenberger, C.M.
  44. Sister Felicity Marie Madigan, C.S.S.F.
  45. Sister Allison Lorraine Masserano, A.S.C.J.
  46. Sister Lisa Maurer, O.S.B.
  47. Sister Theresa McGinn, O.S.B.
  48. Brother Antony Julius Milton, O.F.M. Cap.
  49. Father Hubert Kavisa Mulekya, osc
  50. Sister Molly Neville, S.N.J.M.
  51. Sister Helen Jean Novy, H.M.
  52. Brother Blair Paulus Nuyda, A.A.
  53. Sister Barbara O’Kane, M.P.F.
  54. Brother Allen Agpaoa Pacquing, S.M.
  55. Sister Sophia Marie Peralta, S.C.C.
  56. Sister Patricia Phillips, S.H.C.J.
  57. Sister Limeteze Pierre-Gilles, SSND
  58. Sister Paula Terese Pilon, C.S.J.
  59. Sister Ethel Puno, C.C.V.I.
  60. Sister Mary Amata Reifsnyder, S.C.C.
  61. Father Michael Rossman, S.J.
  62. Sister Christi Sanchez, C.C.V.I.
  63. Father Don Senior, C.P.
  64. Sister Julie Sewell, O.S.B.
  65. Father Bill Shea, S.V.D.
  66. Sister Sarah Simmons, C.S.J.
  67. Sister Judith Timmerman, O.S.B.
  68. Sister Gervaise Valpey, O.P.
  69. Father Marlon Bobier Vargas, S.V.D.
  70. Brother Rafael Vargas, S.D.B.
  71. Sister Lynn Marie Welbig, P.B.V.M.
  72. Father Aaron Wessman, G.H.M.
  73. Sister Kelly Williams, R.S.M.
  74. Sister Jennifer Wilson, R.S.M.
  75. Sister Michelle Woodruff, A.S.C.
  76. Sister Maria Zeiman, O.S.F.
  77. Brother Martin Zewe, F.S.C.

It was truly a grace and a joy to share in the Abundant Hope video series!  Thank you so much for giving me the privilege of sharing my heart and my gratitude for the beautiful gift of consecrated religious life.  God invites others in so many different ways to say "yes" and I pray that your work will touch many more hearts to respond. -------Blessings, Sr. Cor Immaculatum Heffernan, I.H.M.

The 2020 NRVC/CARA Study on Recent Vocations to Religious life reported five common themes:

  1. Countless women and men continue to respond to the call to religious life.
  2. Newer entrants are drawn by a desire for prayer, spiritual growth, a deeper relationship with God, and a sense of call.
  3. They are culturally diverse; embrace intercultural and intergenerational living.
  4. They are committed to living simply and in solidarity with the poor, marginalized, and neglected.
  5. They are filled with abundant hope amid changing demographics.

Because God's call is endless and the NRVC vision is to amplify hope through the prophetic, joyful witness of religious sisters, brothers, and priests, every video ends with this distinct tagline: "I believe God is still calling women and men to holiness -- and I am filled with abundant hope!"

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