NRVC Annual Report

NRVC Annual Report


The journey forward—hearing God's call

When we speak of vocation then, it is not just about choosing this or that way of life, devoting one’s life to a certain ministry or being attracted by the charism of a religious family, movement or ecclesial community. It is about making God’s dream come true, the great vision of fraternity that Jesus cherished when he prayed to the Father “that they may all be one” (John 17:21). Each vocation in the Church, and in a broader sense in society, contributes to a common objective: to celebrate among men and women that harmony of manifold gifts that can only be brought about by the Holy Spirit. Priests, consecrated men and women, lay faithful: let us journey and work together in bearing witness to the truth that one great human family united in love is no utopian vision, but the very purpose for which God created us. —Pope Francis

These powerful words by Pope Francis drive this year’s theme for our Annual Report: A Journey Forward—Hearing God’s Call

The NRVC continues to move forward and work toward this very purpose, and our success is driven by all who help promote vocations. Individuals, communities, and foundations have each contributed to help support our mission. 

2022 NRVC Annual Report
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Our success is driven by a spirit of community among all who promote vocations and allow us to provide the programs and tools to invite women and men to consider religious life. 

We are grateful to our members for their participation in our mission, to religious institutes for their support, to individual donors for their generosity, and, of course, to the GHR Foundation and Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, who encourage new initiatives for the long term benefit of the members, team leaders, National Board, and Member Area Coordinators. Thank you!

Their legacy of witness and service has been and continues to be an inspiration to every generation. We are thankful to all those who are able and willing to support us in our mission.

God continues to call each of us to learn, speak, act, and pray for the sake of humankind. NRVC is dedicated to listening to that call.

​Phil Loftus
NRVC Director of Development


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