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World Day for Consecrated Life, February 2

Celebrated in parishes Feb. 4-5, 2023

About World Day for Consecrated Life

In 1997, Pope Saint John Paul II instituted a day for women and men in consecrated life. This global celebration is attached to the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord on February 2nd. This Feast is also known as Candlemas Day; the day on which candles are blessed symbolizing Christ who is the light of the world. So too, those in consecrated life are called to reflect the light of Jesus Christ to all peoples. 

The celebration of World Day for Consecrated Life is transferred to the following Sunday in order to highlight the gift of consecrated persons for the whole Church. 

There are several ways to celebrate World Day for Consecrated Life. Invite sisters, brothers, and priests to publicly renew their vows at Mass, send cards of support to newer entrants, ask to visit a mother house to meet and pray with sisters, brothers, and priests, invite a vocation director to visit your classroom, Board meeting, or faith group to learn more about consecrated life. Send flowers, make a donation to a religious community, or invite someone to discern their vocation to consecrated life!

Resources to celebrate World Day for Consecrated Life

Celebrate with Abundant Hope!

Spark a conversation about religious life using the new Abundant Hope prayer cards, Abundant Hope handout, and video series of newer entrants and senior professed members talking about their lived experiences of intergenerational and intercultural vowed communal life.  There are 76 videos of sisters, brothers, and priests sharing abundant hope on the NRVC YouTube Channel. Gather together as a community to talk about hope, invite others to pray for unwavering hope, and record your own short videos to post on your social media sites to join this global celebration! 

Dare to Love video

This 30 minute video produced by the Chicago Archdiocesan Vocation Association has timeless ideas for parishes and families to promote vocations during World Day for Consecrated Life featuring Sr. Deborah Borneman, SS.C.M. and Sr. Lovina Pammit, O.S.F.

Consecrated Life through the lens of Fratelli Tutti video

On February 2, 2021, over 600 participants joined together to reflect on consecrated life in light of the Gospel call presented in Fratelli Tutti.   Sponsors for this event included the National Religious Vocation Conference, Conference of Major Superiors of Men, Leadership Conference of Women Religious, Religious Brothers Conference, and Religious Formation Conference.  

Ideas for families and parishes to celebrate WDCL video

Fundamentals from call to charism to community living video

This video showcases four Catholic sisters, brothers, and priests decribe religious life in their own words animating the NRVC/CARA Study of Recents Vocations to Religious Life.

What you might not know about religious life three minute video

Finding joy in religious life three minute video

Religious Life is...three minute video

Selected quotes from Christus Vivit!

Resources are also available at the USCCB 

Pontificate of Pope Francis

2022 Papal Homily for the 26th World Day for Consecrated Life

What is our vision of consecrated life? The world often sees it as “a waste”, a relic of the past, something useless. But we, the Christian community, men and women religious, what do we see? Are our eyes turned only inward, yearning for something that no longer exists, or are we capable of a farsighted gaze of faith, one that looks both within and beyond? I am greatly edified when I see older consecrated men and women whose eyes are bright, who continue to smile and in this way to give hope to the young. Let us think of all those times when we encountered such persons, and bless God for this. For their eyes are full of hope and openness to the future.

2021 Papal Homily for the 25th World Day for Consecrated Life

Some people are masters of complaining, doctors of complaining, they are very good at complaining! No, complaining imprisons us: “the world no longer listens to us” – how often do we hear that - or “we have no more vocations, so we have to close the house”, or “these are not easy times” – “ah, don’t tell me!...”. And so the duet of complaints begins. It can happen that even as God patiently tills the soil of history and our own hearts, we show ourselves impatient and want to judge everything immediately: now or never, now, now, now. In this way, we lose that “small” but most beautiful of virtues: hope. 

2020 Papal Homily for the 24th World Day for Consecrated Life

Why did you do this?  Because you fell in love with Jesus, you saw everything in him, and enraptured by his gaze, you left the rest behind.  Religious life is this vision.  It means seeing what really matters in life.  It means welcoming the Lord’s gift with open arms, as Simeon did.  This is what the eyes of consecrated men and women behold: the grace of God poured into their hands.  The consecrated person is one who every day looks at himself or herself and says: “Everything is gift, all is grace”.  

2019 Papal Homily for the 23rd World Day for Consecrated Life

To follow Jesus is not a decision taken once and for all, it is a daily choice…Otherwise, Jesus becomes only a nice memory of the past. --Pope Francis, 2019

2018 Papal Homily for the 22nd World Day of Consecrated Life

Everything started in an encounter with the Lord. Our journey of consecration was born of an encounter and a call…We have to remember that we can never renew our encounter with the Lord without others; we can never leave others behind, never pass over generations, but must accompany one another daily, keeping the Lord always at the center. --Pope Francis, 2018 

2017 Papal Homily for the 21st World Day of Consecrated Life

The mentality of survival makes us reactionaries, fearful, slowly and silently shutting ourselves up in our houses and in our own preconceived notions. It makes us look back, to the glory days – days that are past – and rather than rekindling the prophetic creativity born of our founders’ dreams, it looks for shortcuts in order to evade the challenges knocking on our doors today…The temptation of survival makes us forget grace; it turns us into professionals of the sacred but not fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters of that hope to which we are called to bear prophetic witness. --Pope Francis, 2017 

2016 Papal Homily for 20th World Day of Consecrated Life

Consecrated men and women are called first and foremost to be men and women of encounter. Indeed, the vocation does not originate from a plan we have designed “on the drawing board”, but from a grace of the Lord which touches us, through a life-changing encounter. --Pope Francis, 2016 

2015 Papal Homily for 19th World Day of Consecrated Life

For us, as consecrated persons, this path takes the form of the rule, marked by the charism of the founder. For all of us, the essential rule remains the Gospel, yet the Holy Spirit, in his infinite creativity, also gives it expression in the various rules of the consecrated life which are born of the sequela Christi, and thus from this journey of abasing oneself by serving. --Pope Francis, 2015 

2014 Papal Homily for 18th World Day of Consecrated Life

And in the consecrated life we live the encounter between the young and the old, between observation and prophecy. Let’s not see these as two opposing realities! Let us rather allow the Holy Spirit to animate both of them, and a sign of this is joy: the joy of observing, of walking within a rule of life; the joy of being led by the Spirit, never unyielding, never closed, always open to the voice of God that speaks, that opens, that leads us and invites us to go towards the horizon. --Pope Francis, 2014 

Pontificate of Pope Benedict XVI

2013 Papal Message for 17th World Day of Consecrated Life

2012 Papal Message for 16th World Day of Consecrated Life

2011 Papal Message for 15th World Day of Consecrated Life

2010 Papal Message for 14th World Day of Consecrated Life

2009 Papal Message for 13th World Day of Consecrated Life

2008 Papal Message for 12th World Day of Consecrated Life

2007 Papal Message for 11th World Day of Consecrated life

2006 Papal Message for 10th World Day of Consecrated Life

Pontificate of Pope John Paul II

2005 Papal Message for 9th World Day of Consecrated Life

2004 Papal Message for 8th World Day of Consecrated Life

2003 Papal Message for 7th World Day of Consecrated Life

2002 Papal Message for 6th World Day of Consecrated Life

2001 Papal Message for 5th World Day of Consecrated Life

2000 Papal Message for 4th World Day of Consecrated Life

1999 Papal Message for 3rd World Day of Consecrated Life

1998 Papal Message for 2nd World Day of Consecrated Life

1997 Papal Message for 1st World Day of Consecrated Life

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National Vocation Awareness Week, November 5-11, 2023


National Vocation Awareness Week


National Vocation Awareness Week (NVAW) is an annual week-long celebration of the Catholic Church in the United States dedicated to promote vocations to ordained ministry and consecrated life through prayer and education, and to renew our prayers and support for those who are considering one of these particular vocations. 

Observance of Vocation Awareness Week began in 1976 when the U.S. bishops designated the 28th Sunday of the year for the celebration. It was later moved to Feast of the Baptism of the Lord in January. In 2014, after extensive consultation, the Committee on Clergy, Consecrated Life and Vocations moved the observance of National Vocation Awareness Week to November to engage Catholic schools and colleges more effectively in this effort. For social media posts, use either #NVAW or #NationalVocationAwarenessWeek

NRVC resources

Fifty Fun Facts about Religious Life handout

Brochure on Religious Life Today

Infographic on Recent Vocations to Religious Life 

Infographic on the Characteristics of Recent Entrants to Religious Life

Responsibilties of Community Members for Vocation Ministry Handout

Short videos on Religious Life

NVAW videos

National Vocation Awareness Week video 1

National Vocation Awareness Week video 2

National Vocation Awareness Week video 3

Religious Life Is...

Finding Joy in Religious Life

What you Might not Know about Religious Life

Favorite Ways to Pray

Additional NRVC videos to share on your social media platforms are also available on the NRVC YouTube Channel


VISION resources: NRVC's VocationNetwork.org offers many vocation-related resources, including, articles, videos, prayers, and quizes on vocation discernment and religious life.

Shop the NRVC store

Consider bulk orders of printed NRVC resources, such as Ten Questions Parents Ask about Vocations, Conversation Cards, Prayer Cards. Find them in the NRVC store  

Other resources

For more information about NVAW, go to the USCCB website for news release, prayer cards, video clips, and other resources.

Catholic Extension also has  infographics and handouts from a previous Vocation Awareness Week.

Global Sisters Report offers lessons for classrooms about Catholic Sisters.

Serra International offers Spark Vocation Tools.

Keep us in the loop

Please send us any plans, photos, or news about your events celebrated during National Vocation Awareness Week. We're happy to spread the good news. Email dinasp@nrvc.net


2022 Convocation

Call beyond Borders

Join us for Convocation!

Registration is open for our biennial Convocation hosted by the Pacific Northwest Member Area, in Spokane, WA, November 3-6, 2022. 

Convocation brings together the NRVC membership with its trademark excellence in workshops, liturgies, keynote presentations, and networking. This large membership conference also includes the business meeting, awards banquet, and invitations to several organizational collaborators. It provides the opportunity to celebrate the mission and vision of the organization while engaging in professional development and ongoing formation.

The venue selected is the Davenport Grand Hotel, 333 W Spokane Falls Blvd., Spokane, WA. The NRVC has contracted a block of rooms for three days prior and 3 days after Convocation for a reduced rate of $122 per night plus 15% taxes/fees. While it may be cheaper for reservations elsewhere, the NRVC depends upon your reservations to keep the overall rate of the conference affordable. If we do not meet our contracted rooms, the NRVC will be penalized financially. Thank you for reserving your hotel room through NIX.

Check out the four Pre-Convocation workshop choices:

  1. Dynamic Communication Strategies,
  2. Inspirational Women in the Church
  3. Vocation Ministry: A Call to be Light and Enlightened,
  4. Vocation Promotion Insights.   

Convocation Registration in three easy steps

1. Register at the NRVC online store for the conference, and pre-convocation workshops. The late fee is already reflected into the total cost.

2. Reserve your room at the Davenport Grand Hotel directly with NIX here. Please do NOT call the hotel for reservations or use a third party option. If you are sharing a room, each person needs to register with NIX and list the roommate's name. This is to ensure dietary restrictions and accessibility needs. NIX will ensure that the roommates are matched up and only have one hotel room.  You will not be double charged. A credit card is needed to make your reservation but you will not be charged until you check in. Register through NIX here.

3. Book your round trip travel to Spokane Airport (GEG) through the airline of your choice:  Alaska Airlines, Allegiant AirAmerican AirlinesDelta Air LinesFrontier AirlinesSouthwest Airlines, or United Airlines.  Your ground transportation choices include taxi, Uber, Lyft, or car rental to/from the hotel which is just 10 miles from the airport. Hotel parking is free for overnight guests. For commuters, it is $22 per day. 

Call Marge at 773.490.6556 for assistance in registration. 

Download the Schedule

PreConvocation workshops, 9:00 a.m. -  4:30 p.m., November 3, 2022

First time attendee gathering, 4:45 p.m., November 3, 2022

Opening Reception begins at 6:00 p.m., November 3, 2022

Closing Banquet ends at 9:00 p.m., November 5, 2022

Optional bus trip to Idaho: November 6, 2022 - the bus is full.

Planning your budget

An opening reception on Thursday evening, lunch on Friday and Saturday, along with the closing awards banquet on Saturday, are all included in your registration fee. There are several restaurants within walking distance from the hotel. There is also a restaurant in the hotel and breakfast available.

NRVC member early registration rate: $500      

Non-member early registration rate: $750

Late registration fee after October 7: $100 more

Pre-Convocation Workshop member rate: $180, includes lunch & 2 workshops

Pre-Convocation Workshop non-member rate: $270, includes lunch & 2 workshops

Post Convocation Excursion to Idaho: $125 includes lunch

Hotel overnight rate is $122 plus 15% taxes/fees. This rate is available from October 31 through November 9, 2022. Parking is free for overnight guests; for commuters, it is $25 per day. 

All registration fees are non-refundable after October 1, 2022.

If  you need financial assistance, the NRVC Misericordia Fund is available to help with Convocation registration fees. For information and applications, please click here. 

Rewind the Future Roundtable Conversation

Ten years ago in 2012, the NRVC published the Keys to the Future video unpacking the 2009 NRVC/CARA Study on Recent Vocations to Religious Life. The NRVC has invited five Keys to the Future video participants to a roundtable conversation with Sr. Miriam Ukeritis, CSJ, one of the researchers from the Future of Religious Orders Study published 30 years ago in 1992. What changes have they experienced in religious life since 1992 and 2012? How do they keep moving forward in hope? This lively roundtable will include time for table conversation for all Convocation participants to ponder aloud what we percieve to be the keys to the future of religious life. Rewind the Future Roundtable presenters can be accessed here.

Keynote Presenters

Sister Barbara Reid, OP, will record her presentation and this will be available to all paid participants.

Sister Barbara E. Reid, O.P. is a Dominican Sister of Grand Rapids, Michigan and holds a Ph.D. in Biblical Studies from The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. She is President of Catholic Theological Union and Carroll Stuhlmueller, CP, Distinguished Professor of New Testament Studies. Sr. Barbara has taught at CTU since 1988 and served as Vice President and Academic Dean from 2009-2018. She has led may study tours and retreats in the Holy Lands. Sr. Barbara is author of twelve books and numerous articles, most recently the two-volume commentary on the Gospel of Luke that she co-authored with Prof. Shelly Matthews in the Wisdom Commentary series for which she is also General Editor. 

Friday Keynote Presentation: Vocation in the Age of Migration: 'Equipping the Saints' for Mission and Ministry by Father vănThanh Nguyễn, S.V.D.

Father vănThanh Nguyễn, S.V.D., is a missionary priest of the Society of the Divine Word and has served on the Catholic Theological Union faculty since 2005. He is Professor of New Testament Studies and the holder of the Francis X. Ford, M.M., Chair of Catholic Missiology at CTU in Chicago, IL. He is an associate editor of the Journal of the International Association for Mission Studies (2013-present), and the managing editor of the Journal of Association of Asian/North American Theological Educators (2013-present). He has authored several books and numerous articles including, “Acts” in The Jerome Biblical Commentary for the 21st Century, and “What Does the Bible Say About Strangers, Migrants, and Refugees?”

Saturday Keynote Presentation: Borders, Boundaries and Catholic Identity: Three Approaches to Vocation Ministry by Father Ricky Manalo, CSP

Father Ricky Manalo, CSP, is a Paulist priest, composer, theologian, and author. He is the 2018 Pastoral Musician of the Year Award by the National Association of Pastoral Musicians. He studied composition and piano at the Manhattan School of Music; theology at the Washington Theological Union; and liturgy, culture, and sociology at the Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, CA. He has written articles and books on liturgy, culture, music, and the intersection of sociology and religious practices. Fr. Ricky is a theological consultor for the USCCB and a co-author of numerous statements, including the national pastoral plan for U.S. Asian Pacific Catholics, Encountering Christ in Harmony. Fr. Manalo presents lectures, keynotes, and pastoral workshops, preaches, presides, and gives concerts.

Donation Custom

It is the custom of the Host Area to select a local non-profit organization for the collection taken at the closing Mass at Convocation. The Pacific Northwest Member Area has selected Transitions. This organization works to end poverty and homelessness for women and children in Spokane. Catholic Sisters from the Sinsinawa Dominicans, Sisters of the Holy Names, Sisters of Providence and the Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia came together in 1995 and combined these services, founding Transitions.  At Convocation 2020, 169 NRVC members donated $5200 to the National Black Sisters Conference. 


Communal and personal prayer are important values of the NRVC. Each day, Mass will be celebrated along with opportunities for Communal Prayer. A prayer room will be located in the hotel for those who seek a quieter, contemplative space. 


Many levels of Sponsorship are available and we welcome  your support.  Please contact Director of Development, Mr. Phil Loftus at  ploftus@nrvc.net if you would like to become a sponsor. Click here to learn more about Convocation 2022 sponsorship opportunities.  


Travel excursion--the bus is full.
If you want to be on the waiting list debbiesscm@nrvc.net

Join us for an extra day on Sunday from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm on a chartered bus trip to visit the Historic Silver Valley in Idaho: beautiful Lake Coeur d’Alene, Old Mission State Park, Cataldo Mission, Sacred Encounters (a world class exhibit, telling the story of the Jesuits and Coeur d’Alene Tribe), Lunch at the Snake Pit built in 1880 for fur traders and miners, and the Crystal Gold Mine with unusual crystal formations. We'll be home in plenty of time to enjoy a free evening to relax in downtown Spokane!

This excursion requires some walking, the tour company states: "You walk into the side of the mountain, the ground is flat and it is fine for seniors.  All participants in activities and use of facilities contracted for shall be undertaken by each individual at his or her own risk.  Group Coordinators shall not be liable for any claims, demands, injuries, damages, actions, or causes of actions whatsoever to person or property arising out of or connected with the use of any services or facilities arranged for or the premise where the same are located, or arising out of acts of active or passive negligence on Group Coordinators, its owners, servants, agents or employees."  

Cost: $125 which includes bus transportation, meal, entrance fees, and driver tip. This trip is sold out. If you want to be on the waiting list, please email debbiesscm@nrvc.net

COVID Protocols

The NRVC will follow any CDC protocols to provide for the wellbeing of each participant. All participants are asked to take an at-home rapid test the day you are leaving to travel to Convocation to be sure you are negative for COVID-19. Because this is a large group event gathering participants from many areas, please bring the following with you to Convocation:

  • Proof of COVID vaccination. Please note that all attendees will be required to show proof of vaccination at registration. Proof of vaccination can be your vaccination card or an electronic version (a photo is acceptable) 
  • For any participant who cannot show a vaccination record for any reason, we will offer the option to present the results of a COVID-19 viral test (PCR) taken no more than 24 hours before traveling to Convocation. You must show your negative test result at registration to pick up your name tag.
  • Masks – We encourage all participants to wear N-95 or KN-95 masks in all indoor settings at Convocation.
  • COVID self-tests in case you begin to have symptoms.

 Convocation Logo

This vivid artwork embodies the 2022 Convocation theme: Call beyond Borders, recognizing God’s endless call to holiness. The swirling waters, gusty wind, and airborne dove speak of the vibrant symbols of the Holy Spirit moving freely beyond borders. The Spirit beckons us to be fearless in following Christ through vowed religious life in community, prayer, and ministry; living interculturally and intergenerationally, across multiple frontiers. 

The Convocation Logo was designed by Sister of Providence, Joni Luna, S.P. who integrated her Native American heritage to create this beautiful, colorful Convocation logo. Sister Joni entered her congregation in 2012 and made her perpetual profession in 2021. At Sister Joni’s thirty-day retreat before profession, an Ojibwe elder gave to her the Native American Spirit name, Gidagaamegwandookwe, which translates to spotted feathered woman. Sister Joni is an NRVC member, currently serving as vocation director for her congregation. She participated in the 2021 Summer Institute.

Terms and conditions

Please read our NRVC terms and conditions for all events and programs.

Convocation: Rewind the Future

Roundtable Conversation at Convocation

Rewind the Future Roundtable Conversation at Convocation

Thirty years ago in 1992, Sr. Miriam Ukeritis, C.S.J. and Fr. David Nygren, C.M. conducted the first in-depth study of women's and men's religious institutes, the Future of Religious Orders Study. They gathered data from more than 10,000 members of women’s and men’s religious institutes to generate a picture of possible futures. This seminal research examined what changes must occur if religious life is to remain a vital gift to the Church in the next millennium. This study called for a radical response to the Gospel and a life more aligned with serving those who are poor and living on the margins.  

Ten years ago in 2012, the NRVC produced a video with eight newer entrants to religious life highlighting the key themes from the benchmark 2009 NRVC/CARA Study on Recent Vocations to Religious Life among women and men who entered from 1993-2008. The video was part of a larger program called, Moving Forward in Hope: Keys to the Future, where almost 100 participants participated in a 2 day workshop to lead their own congregations in moving forward in hope. 

This lively roundtable conversation will provide time to ponder: In hindsight, what would they say today about their insights, lived experiences, and understanding of religious life? What changes have they experienced in religious life since 1992 and 2012? Are they still moving forward in hope? What do they perceive to be the keys to the future for religious life? Time will be allotted for presentation and table conversation on November 4 at Convocation to integrate the 2020 NRVC/CARA Study on Recent Vocations to Religious Life. This presentation is included in the Convocation registration. 


Father Kevin DePrinzio, O.S.A., is an Augustinian Friar of the Province of St. Thomas of Villanova. He entered the community in 1998 and professed solemn vows in 2003.  He has served in campus ministry at both Merrimack College and Villanova University. In addition, he was also vocation director and a member of the initial formation team for his province, while also completing a term on the board for NRVC.  Father Kevin holds a doctorate in Christian Spirituality from the Catholic University of America and currently serves as Vice President for Mission & Ministry at Villanova University.

Sister Ana Dura, C.R., is a native of Northern California, and initially served as an Occupational Therapist in the Congregation's health care ministry and in their transistional housing facility for women and children experiencing homelessness. She has served as director for the Province's vocation and formation ministry and was elected to serve on the Province leadership team. Woven throughout these ministries Sister Ana has followed a call to care for creation by initiating a community garden that has evolved into a small farm that seeks to raise awareness of our connectedness and dependence upon creation.  Currently she serves full-time in this ministry.

Sister Angela Gertsema, A.S.C.J., is originally from St. Joseph, Missouri. She joined the Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in 2002 and professed perpetual vows in 2010. Sr. Angela has a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary School Education from Iona College, a Master’s degree in Special Education from Fordham University; and a certificate in Spiritual Direction from Fairfield University. She served as an elementary school teacher, a missionary in Taiwan, and vocation director. Sr. Angela is currently a formation directress and a provincial councilor. 

Sister Sarah Kohles, O.S.F. is a Sister of St. Francis of Dubuque, entering the community in 2003 and professing perpetual vows in 2011. She earned a Ph.D. in Biblical Studies from Graduate Theological Union in 2019. She has served as an adjunct professor at Loras College, St. Mary's University in San Antonio, and the Franciscan School of Theology. Sister Sarah is a coeditor and contributor to In Our Own Words: Religious Life in a Change World, and a contributor and editor for the book, Creating Spaces for Women in the Catholic Church.

Sister Miriam D. Ukeritis, C.S.J. is a Sister of St. Joseph of Carondelet.  She ministered as a member of her Province Leadership Team from 1996 to 2004 and on her Congregational Leadership Team from 2014 to 2019.  From 2003 through 2013, Sr. Miriam served as Director of Research, then as CEO, at the Southdown Institute in Ontario, Canada. Her professional background includes masters and doctoral degrees in clinical psychology from the University of Pittsburgh.  Sr. Miriam, with Fr. David Nygren, CM, engaged in research on the Future of Religious Orders in the United States in 1992. She currently ministers as co-Director of Vocations for her province and co-Director of Novices for their congregational novitiate.

Brother Patrick Winbush, O.S.B. was born in 1980 in New Jersey. After completing his freshman year at Saint Peter’s University, Brother Patrick entered the Benedictine Abbey of Newark at the age of 18. In 2005, he professed his solemn vows. Brother Patrick has served as a teacher, assistant dean of discipline, level coordinator, campus minister, and group moderator. In 2015, he was appointed Principal of Saint Mary School in Newark. Patrick has served as vocation director since 2007 and in 2012 was appointed Sub-Prior of the monastery. He is currently studying for the priesthood at Immaculate Conception Seminary in N.J.

Terms and conditions

Please read our NRVC terms and conditions for all events and programs.

Register for Convocation, and pre-convocation workshops, in our online store.

Pre-Convocation: Dynamic Communication Strategies

Pre-Convocation Workshop

Communiucation Pre-Convocation Workshop on November 3, 2022

This Pre-Convocation workshop will focus on three areas: internal communications, inquirer/discerner communications, and online/social communications. Often vocation communication plans and online efforts can seem overwhelming. Our hope is to offer strategies that both affirm ongoing communication efforts, as well as challenge us to identify new opportunities to share the vitality of religious life and extend an invitation of vocation discernment.


This workshop will provide principles, examples, and practices, while also allowing space for participants to get practical in their own context—identifying needs and developing ideas and next steps in a learning community. Participants can plan to walk away energized, with new ideas and practical steps in hand to further animate a vision of vocation ministry that uses communications to bring to life the Spirit’s presence in our world.


Mrs. Nancy Costello is the Communications Director for the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Coordinator for the Province Vocation Promotion Team for the Sisters. Prior to her role in Communications, Nancy served as the National Mission Integration Director for the Stella Maris Province of the Missionary Sisters. Nancy earned her B.S in Education at Cabrini (College) University; earned a M.S. in Education from West Chester University; and a M.S. in Pastoral Care and Counseling from Neumann University.  She holds a Certification in the Spirituality of Healthcare Organizations. Nancy previously served as a Delaware Valley Member Area Coordinator and is currently serving on the NRVC Board. She is married, a mother of an adult son and daughter, and the grandmother of seven.

Ms. Carol Schuck Scheiber has been working in vocation-related communications for most of her career. She has been involved in editing and writing for VISION Vocation Guide since its early days. In 1998, she began editing and writing for HORIZON, the NRVC newsletter, and, later, the NRVC social media sites. In 2000, Carol received the NRVC’s highest recognition, the Harvest Award, recognizing her outstanding service in vocation ministry. Most recently, she was part of the team that produced six NRVC webinars. Along the way she has accompanied her three young-adult children through their own vocation decisions. Carol lives in Toledo, Ohio with her husband.

Mr. Chris Swain currently serves as director of the Office of Lasallian Vocation Ministry for the De La Salle Christian Brothers in North America. He facilitates communication and collaborative projects related to the promotion of the Brothers vocation, as well fostering a broader culture of vocation. He participated and presented in the NRVC Vocation Ambassador Program and has presented to NRVC member areas on the topic of social media marketing and online presence. He has a background in communication and education, where he spent 10 years prior to his current role as teacher, campus minister, and coach in Catholic schools in the Lasallian charism. Chris has been married to his amazing wife, Kathleen, for six years, and they have two children, James and Annabeth.


This three hour workshop will be offered on November 3 before Convocation opens later that day. The workshop is offered twice. The morning session is from 9:00 am until noon. This workshop repeats from 1:30 - 4:30 pm enabling you to attend a second workshop of your choice. 


Workshop registration is open in the NRVC store. The price of $180 includes your choice of two workshops and lunch. Use the word "Communication"  for this workshop choice when you check out. 

Terms and conditions

Please read our NRVC terms and conditions for all events and programs.

Pre-Convocation: Vocation Ministry: A Call to Be Light and Enlightened

Pre-Convocation Workshop

Light Pre-Convocation Workshop on November 3, 2022

Vocation ministry requires shifting perspectives to see anew each encounter with inquirers and discerners and to be open to being both light and enlightened. This accompanying ministry offers vocation ministers AND communities the opportunity to listen attentively, be present and walk with – allowing the potential to arrive at a new place and to be co-creators of an emerging future.

In this time of great uncertainty and as religious life continues to evolve, a central question is how to be responsive to these new realities. This workshop will offer participants an opportunity to stop, to embrace what is means to accompany, see how resilience helps with possibility and embrace a realistic hopefulness -- what it will take for vocation ministers and communities to be light and enlightened.


Sister Lynn M. Levo, C.S.J., Ph.D., is a member of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, a licensed psychologist, consultant and lecturer. She received her Ph.D. from the University of New York at Albany, completing her clinical training at The University of Kansas School of Medicine. After serving 10 years as the Director of Education and Editor of Lukenotes at Saint Luke Institute, Silver Spring, MD, Sister Lynn is currently a consulting psychologist in private practice, offering consultations, presentations, and workshops both in the U.S. and abroad on fostering healthy integrated sexuality, celibacy, relationships, intimacy, mutuality in community, and emotional intelligence. Sister Lynn regularly presents at the NRVC Summer Institute, often writes for the HORIZON Journal, and received the NRVC Outstanding Recognition Award at Convocation 2016.


This three hour workshop will be offered on November 3 before Convocation opens later that day. The workshop is offered once in the afternoon session from 1:30 - 4:30 pm enabling you to attend a second workshop of your choice. 


Workshop registration is open in the NRVC store. The price of $180 includes your choice of two workshops and lunch. Use the word "light" for this workshop choice when you check out. 

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Pre-Convocation: Inspirational Women in the Church: Lessons for the Heart, Mind, and Soul

Pre-Convocation Workshop

Inspiration Pre-Convocation Workshop on November 3, 2022

This workshop will explore the writings of St. Hildegard of  Bingen, Julian of Norwich, Teresa of Avila, and Benedictine Sr. Joan Chittister. Their simple practices illustrate how they experienced God in their vocation,  encouraging habits of the heart and soul. Their daily practices are replete with wisdom, and can nourish our ministries, as well as our physical and mental well-being. Anne will share the neuroscience and positive psychological benefits behind these practices, which are great motivators for incorporating them into our daily lives and sharing them with others. Finally, Anne and workshop participants will explore ideas on how to use their inspirational practices and quotes to invite women and men to discern their vocation. 


Ms. Anne Kertz Kernion is the owner/artist of Cards by Anne, a frequent exhibitor at our NRVC Convocations. Anne graduated with a BS in Environmental Engineering from Penn State, and an MA in Theology from Duquesne University. She was an adjunct professor of Theology at Carlow University teaching Cross-Cultural Understanding of Religious  Meaning. She was also an adjunct professor at the Community College of Allegheny County teaching Chemistry, Environmental Science, Nutrition, World Religions, and Ethics. Anne has authored two books, the most recent, Spiritual Practices for the Brain: Caring for Mind, Body and Soul, published by Loyola Press. It has won several national awards for the integration of science and spirituality. Anne lives in Pittsburgh with her husband, Jack, and has three grown children and six grandchildren. This workshop is sponsored by Loyola Press.


This three hour workshop will be offered on November 3 before Convocation opens later that day. The workshop is offered once in the morning session from 9:00 am until noon. This enables you to attend a second workshop of your choice. 


Workshop registration is open in the NRVC store. The price of $180 includes your choice of two workshops and lunch. Use the word "inspiration" for this workshop choice when you check out. 

Terms and conditions

Please read our NRVC terms and conditions for all events and programs.

Pre-Convocation: Vocation Promotion Insights

Pre-Convocation Workshop

Insights Pre-Convocation Workshop on November 3, 2022 

Join in the conversation about what ideas are working, the steps involved in promoting vocations, and the overall impact on participants and community members. This lively workshop is intended to name successful ideas and tips to build relationships with inquirers, places to visit, and events to plan. This workshop is presented by four dynamic, seasoned vocation ministers currently serving on the National Board. They will share their challenges and success stories in vocation ministry from around the various charisms. Come ready to share a few ideas! 


Sister María de Jesús (Marichui) Bringas Aguirre CCVI, is a Sister of Charity of the Incarnate Word, San Antonio TX. She has been involved in Vocation Ministry first in Mexico, and for the last six years in the United States. Previously she ministered as a Teacher and Principal on the elementary, secondary, and high school levels; in campus ministry at the University of Monterrey; and in social work and religious education on a parish level.  She also served in the Mexican Provincial Council of her Congregation. Sister Marichui has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Education, and Pastoral Theology; Master’s in Organizational Management; and a Certificate in Spiritual Direction from Oblate School of Theology. She is a member of the NRVC Board and previously was the director of Vocaciones Hispanas at the National Catholic Sisters Project.

Sr. Nicole Trahan, F.M.I., a native of Orange, Texas, is a member of the Daughters of Mary Immaculate (Marianists) and currently lives in Dayton, Ohio. Sr. Nicole is a member of the NRVC board and serves her congregation as a member of the provincial leadership team, vocation director and director of the pre-novitiate program. She is also a part-time campus minister at Chaminade Julienne Catholic High School. With Masters degrees in Catholic School Leadership and Pastoral Ministry, Sr. Nicole has a background in teaching theology/religion on the secondary level, collegiate and secondary campus ministry, retreat design and leadership, and spiritual accompaniment. She has a passion for faith formation and leadership development. She is also a regular contributor to National Catholic Reporter’s Global Sisters Report and enjoys writing on various topics.   

Mr. Len Uhal is the National Vocation Director for the Divine Word Missionaries.  He lives in Dubuque, Iowa with his wife, Sue, and he has three children and three grandchildren.  Len earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Divine Word College in Epworth, Iowa, and a Master of Science degree from Cardinal Stritch University in Milwaukee.  Prior to returning to minister with the SVDs, he worked twelve years as a certified drug and alcohol counselor and a licensed social worker.  Together with a team of SVD priests and brothers, he has served in vocation ministry since 2003. He is currently serving his second term on the NRVC Board and is Chair of the Development Committee.  He has previously co-presented the Due Diligence workshop at Summer Institute.

Sister Mary Yun, O.P. is a Dominican Sister of Mission San Jose in California and currently serves as the Vocation and Candidate Director for her congregation. She has been the Vocation Director since 2015, shortly after she made her perpetual vows, and in 2019 she became the Candidate Director. After obtaining her Master’s degree in social work from UCLA, she served in various Catholic schools and in Catholic Charities of different dioceses. She also earned her second Master’s degree in pastoral theology from Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, concentrating in Spiritual Direction. She currently serves on the National Religious Vocation Conference National Board and has previously co-presented an NRVC workshop on Accompaniment and Candidate Assessment Tools.


This three hour workshop will be offered on November 3 before Convocation opens later that day. The workshop is offered twice. The morning session is from 9:00 am until noon. This workshop repeats from 1:30 - 4:30 pm enabling you to attend a second workshop of your choice. 


Workshop registration will open in May in the NRVC store. The price of $180 includes your choice of two workshops and lunch. Use the word "insights" for this workshop choice when you check out. 

Terms and conditions

Please read our NRVC terms and conditions for all events and programs. 

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