Resource of the month—free!

Resource of the month—free!

Tool to help your community engage

NRVC has two instruments for encouraging community discussion and action on internal vocation culture. Women's communities have the booklet "Vocation Culture: Reflection to Action." Men's communities have "Culture of Vocations: Assessment Tool."

These two resources are aimed at helping communities evaluate their internal vocation culture—and boost it if needed. Even the weariest of members can create ways to broaden outreach to potential inquirers through these tools.

Each instrument consists of a series of behavioral questions for community members. The questions were designed specifically for men's and women's institutes based on information gathered during the Moving Forward in Hope process of a few years ago. 

NRVC members can download the resource at no cost. Alternatively, anyone may order a colored printed copy for women or men for $6 for members or $9 for non-members.

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