Resources on child sexual abuse in the Catholic Church and in society at large

Resources on child sexual abuse in the Catholic Church and in society at large

These resources represent the literature available on this topic. Appearance here does not indicate endorsement by the National Religious Vocation Conference.

Alloy, Lauren B.; Jacobsen, Neil, and Acocella, Joan. Abnormal Psychology: Current Perspectives. Boston: McGraw-Hill College, 1999.

Arnaldo, Carlos A. (editor). Child Abuse on the Internet: Ending the Silence. Paris: UNESCO Publishing, 2001.

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Gonsiorek, John C. (editor). Breach of Trust: Sexual Exploitation by Health Care Professionals and Clergy. Thousand Oaks, Calif.: Sage Publishers, 1995.

Gula, Richard. Ethics in Pastoral Ministry. Mahwah, N.J.: Paulist Press, 1996.

Jenkins, Philip. Pedophiles and Priests: Anatomy of a Contemporary Crisis. Oxford University Press, 2001.

Kennedy, Eugene. The Unhealed Wound: The Church and Human Sexuality. St. Martin’s Press, 2002.

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Plante, Thomas, G. (editor). Bless Me Father for I Have Sinned: Perspectives on Sexual Abuse Committed by Roman Catholic Priests. Praeger Publishing, 1999.

Rossetti, Stephen. A Tragic Grace: The Catholic Church and Child Sexual Abuse. Liturgical Press, 1996.

Sipe, A.W. Richard. A Secret World: Sexuality and the Search for Celibacy. Brunner/Mazel, 1990.

Sipe, A.W. Richard. Sex, Priests and Power: Anatomy of a Crisis. Brunner/Mazel, 1995.


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