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The National Religious Vocation Conference is sponsoring a free webinar series entitled “Religious Life Today: Learn it! Love it! Live it!” The series began in September 2021 and will include five more sessions. Each session lasts one hour, consisting of approximately 20-25 minutes of expert presentations, followed by a live question-answer period. The webinars will also be available to view at youtube.com/NatRelVocationConf. The remaining five webinars are:

Using all avenues to support vocation ministry
November 17, 2021. Primary audience: vocation

Creating a collaborative environment
 January 13, 2022. Primary audience: religious institute leaders and diocesan vocation personnel

Wellsprings of support for vocations
March 3, 2022. Primary audience: Catholic organizations, parishes, campus ministers

Addressing parental concerns: wisdom and advice
April 21, 2022. Primary audience: parents

Call to religious life: new member stories
June 2, 2022. Primary audience: All supporters of men and women in consecrated life

Books, prayer cards ... and more

The online store at nrvc.net is open 24-7 and is ready to serve you with timely, professional, quality products to help you minister well and build a vocation culture in your institute and the larger community.

Check out our bestsellers and hidden gems, each of them designed specifically to assist with vocation ministry. Products are discounted for NRVC members. Visit nrvc.net today and stock up.

NRVC Convocation: November 2022

Be sure to save the date and prepare your budget for the November 3-6, 2022 Convocation of the NRVC. It will take place at the Davenport Grand Hotel in Spokane, Washington and be hosted by the Pacific Northwest Member Area. Its theme is “Call Beyond Borders.” Details will be posted on nrvc.net.

World Youth Day August 2023 in Lisbon

The next World Youth Day will take place August 1-6,  2023 in Lisbon, Portugal. Pope Francis and millions of international pilgrims are expected to gather there to pray, worship, and celebrate their Catholic faith. Learn more about it at: lisboa2023.org.

Published on: 2021-11-02

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