NRVC publications win four awards in 2020

NRVC publications win four awards in 2020

NRVC is delighted to announce that its publications won four awards from the Catholic Press Association in 2020.

Best Review,  Honorable Mention  HORIZON, "Secular Films Evoke Sacred Themes," by Carol Schuck Scheiber

Magazine/Newsletter of the Year - Professional and Special-Interest Magazines, Honorable Mention  HORIZON

Best Feature Article - Professional and Special-Interest, Including Clergy and Religious: First Place VISION Vocation Guide, "Rural Religious Take To The Highways And Byways" by Carol Schuck Scheiber

Best Feature Article - Professional and Special-Interest, Including Clergy and Religious, Second Place  VISION Vocation Guide, "Who You Gonna Love?" by Sister Mary Pellegrino, C.S.J.

Congratulations to our outstanding writers and editors!

Published on: 2020-07-12

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