2018 Pre-Convocation Workshops Thursday, Nov.1, 2018

2018 Pre-Convocation Workshops Thursday, Nov.1, 2018

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Pre-Convocation Workshops

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Finding your Digital Balance and Reducing Social Media Stress


Technology, from smartphones to social media to virtual reality, is impacting our lives in ways no one could have predicted. While there are certainly benefits to these advances, being overly engaged with technology in its various forms can have long-term negative consequences for psychological and emotional health. This workshop will address the impact of being “plugged in” all the time and offers strategies for managing technology use effectively. It will cover topics such as the emotional/psychological impact of different types of social media content, the impact of digital/social media on interpersonal communication and online addicted behaviors. This is an excellent workshop for those who may be experiencing Facebook fatigue, for those curious about the personal impact on the minister, not those we access.


Dr. Crystal Taylor-Dietz, Psy.D. is a licensed psychologist on the clinical staff of Saint Luke Institute. She also is an assistant clinical professor of clinical psychology at The George Washington University Professional Psychology Program. She received a doctorate in clinical psychology from Chestnut Hill College and completed her pre-doctoral internship at the Center for Multicultural Training in Psychology at Boston Medical Center, along with a post-doctoral fellowship at The George Washington University Professional Psychology Program. Prior to becoming director of the Caritas Counseling Center, Dr. Taylor-Dietz was a member of the residential treatment staff of Saint Luke Institute. Her research and clinical interests include issues related to multicultural diversity, the intersection of spirituality and psychology, social justice and wellness promotion.

Screening Yellow and Red Flags in Candidate Assessment


This presentation will focus on assisting vocation directors in determining the suitability of individuals seeking to enter religious life. It will specifically examine factors that enhance and detract from the suitability of a candidate. We will address concerns regarding personality disorders, sexual abuse, Asperger’s Syndrome and the use of pornography / social media. Come with your questions, doubts and grey areas in screening and assessing candidates before application. This is an excellent workshop for all those who desire clarity in candidate assessment.


Dr. Eran Talitman, Ph.D., is a licensed psychologist in the province of Ontario. He has been working at the Southdown Institute since 1998 and is currently the Clinical Team Leader. He provides assessment and psychotherapy services to religious and clergy as well as consultation services to leadership. Eran has offered seminars and workshops on Intimacy, Healthy Sexuality, Effective Leadership, Responding to the Call to Healthy Priesthood, Navigating Personality Styles and Disorders, Resilience, Conflict Management, Keeping Our Soul Alive, and Developing Healthy Ministerial Boundaries.

Issues of Civil, Canon and Immigration Law in Vocation Ministry


This workshop will treat those aspects of law as they pertain to vocation ministry from the corresponding areas of civil, canon and immigration law. Some areas to be covered will include: assessment policies and record keeping; internal vs. external forum in candidate assessment; policies and practices regarding a candidate’s financial assets; salary and tax issues during the formation period; special issues regarding older, widowed and divorced candidates; readmission and community transfers. The morning session will focus on immigration law for religious institutes. It will treat working and discerning with foreign-born candidates; clarification of key immigration terms; documentation and tracking immigration status, long-term immigration planning; and legal responsibilities of the religious institute and the candidate. This is an excellent workshop for new vocation and formation ministers, as well as those in leadership.


Sr. Deborah M. Cerullo S.S.N.D., JD.., J.C.L., served as an attorney and canonical consultant in her private law practice from 2002 -2016, representing primarily religious institutes. A member of the School Sisters of Notre Dame, she currently serves on the provincial council of the Atlantic- Midwest Province. Sister Deborah received her BA from the University of Rhode Island, her civil law degree from Boston University and her canon law degree from the University of St. Thomas Aquinas in Rome, Italy. Prior to her law practice, she served on the law faculties of the University of Notre Dame and Boston College. Sr. Deborah is a member of the faculty of the Institute of Law and Religious Life held each year at Misericordia University in Dallas PA.


Mr. Miguel A. Naranjo is the Director of the Religious Immigration Services section of the Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc. (CLINIC). Miguel leads a group of immigration attorneys who practice exclusively in religious immigration law. They represent over 170 archdioceses, dioceses, and religious communities throughout the United States, assisting them in bringing international priests, brothers, sisters, novices, seminarians, and other religious workers into the United States to serve the Church. He joined CLINIC in 2006 and has been practicing immigration law since 2002. He is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame and the University of Pittsburgh School of Law.

ROI Calculator: Grace or Grim?


This workshop will address the ups and downs of vocation ministry. ROI is an acronym for return on investment. In vocation ministry, the best programs do not always guarantee success, the best candidates may change their minds. Therefore, this workshop will explore themes of community expectations alongside societal/cultural realities of young and middle adulthood, the changing landscape of religious life in North America and best practices for human development and self-care in vocation ministry. This is an excellent workshop for those who have been in vocation ministry for two or more years.


Fr. James J. Greenfield, O.S.F.S., Ph.D., is serving as president of DeSales University. He served previously as provincial of the Wilmington-Philadelphia Province of the Oblates of St. Francis de Sales and as president of the Conference of Major Superiors of Men (CMSM). Fr. James was an adjunct lecturer at The George Washington University in Washington, D.C., The Catholic University of America, and the former Washington Theological Union in Washington, D.C., where he taught required courses in human development. Fr. Greenfield earned his bachelor’s degree in politics (1984) at DeSales University, a Master of Divinity degree (1990) at the DeSales School of Theology, a master’s degree in counseling (1992) and a doctoral degree in human development (1998) at The George Washington University.


Fr. Kevin Nadolski, O.S.F.S., a priest with the Oblates of St. Francis de Sales and a graduate of Temple University, Catholic University of America, and DeSales School of Theology, Fr. Kevin holds degrees in journalism, theology, and education administration and is eagerly awaiting the conferral of his Ph.D. in Catholic higher education from Fordham University. He has served in education as a teacher, principal, and in ministerial leadership for his community as assistant provincial, provincial councilor, director of vocations, formation, development and communications. He currently serves as the vice president for mission at DeSales University in Center Valley, PA, where he also teaches theology. NRVC honored Fr. Kevin with its Outstanding Recognition Award in 2011 for his seven years of service, including work on the NRVC editorial board.

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