Be on top of legal issues

Be on top of legal issues

Take the workshop on civil, canon, immigration law

Father Daniel J. Ward, O.S.B and Mr. Miguel Naranjo

The day-long workshop, "Vocation Ministry and the Issues of Civil, Canon, and Immigration Law," will be offered  November 6 at the Marriott Hotel at O'Hare, Chicago prior to the NRVC convocation. The presenters are Father Daniel J. Ward, O.S.B., who holds degrees in theology, canon, and civil law and is former executive director of the Resource Center for Religious Institutes, and Mr. Miguel Naranjo, director of the Religious Immigration Services section of the Catholic Legal Immigration Network.

This workshop will examine areas of the law that pertain to vocation ministry. Topics to be covered include: assessment policies and record keeping; internal vs. external forum in can­didate assessment; policies and practices regarding a candidate’s financial assets; salary and tax issues during the formation period; special issues regarding older, widowed, and divorced candidates; re-admission and community transfers.

The afternoon session will focus on immigration law: working and discerning with foreign-born candidates, clarification of key immigration terms, documentation and tracking immigration status, long-term immigration planning, and legal responsibilities of the religious institute and the candidate.

For details, download the convocation booklet here. To register, click here.

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