Understanding, Assessing, and Fostering Psycho-Sexual Integration workshop

Understanding, Assessing, and Fostering Psycho-Sexual Integration workshop

This workshop is postponed until 2024

Due to low enrollment, this workshop is postponed until July 26-29, 2024.

This workshop provides vocation ministers and those who accompany discerners and candidates with a solid understanding of psychological well-being and psycho-sexual development to assist them in their efforts to adequately assess a candidate’s aptitude for leading a healthy and integrated celibate life. It includes the basic elements of human sexuality: the fundamental aspect of being human, the centrality of relationships and healthy intimacy, gender identity, sexual orientation, age-related developmental tasks, and the necessity of boundaries. Potentially negative impacts are also considered, e.g., technology and social media, addictive behaviors, and unhealthy sexual expression. Helping vocation ministers determine if candidates may be at high risk of potential sexual abuse of minors is also an important element in this workshop.



Sister Lynn Levo, C.S.J., Ph.D. is a member of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, a licensed psychologist, consultant, and lecturer. She received her Ph.D. from the University of New York at Albany, completing her clinical training at The University of Kansas School of Medicine. After serving 12 years as the Director of Education and Editor of Lukenotes at Saint Luke Institute, Silver Spring, MD, Sister Lynn is currently a consulting psychologist in private practice, offering consultations, presentations, and workshops both in the U.S. and abroad on fostering healthy integrated sexuality, celibacy, relationships, intimacy, mutuality in community, and emotional intelligence. Sister Lynn received the NRVC Outstanding Recognition Award at Convocation 2016.


Our annual Summer Institute will offer four onsite workshops at the Marillac Center, Leavenworth, KS. The nearest airport is Kansas City (MCI) and ground transportation is available through Lyft, Uber, and Super Shuttle. Home of the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth, the NRVC has long enjoyed this venue for workshops due to its spacious grounds, private rooms/bathrooms, wi-fi capacity, and hospitality.

Financial assistance available

To assist NRVC members with their professional development, the Misericordia Scholarship Fund is available. Scholarship funds can be applied to NRVC workshops; however, they do not cover the cost of transportation, accommodations, meals, or personal expenses. If you need financial assistance to attend an NRVC workshop, please apply here

Workshop terms and conditions

Please read our NRVC terms and conditions for all events and programs.

This workshop was excellent. The presenter was full of wisdom as well as authentic. She was very knowledgeable and easy to understand with her explanations, stories, and examples. Her points were clear.

Sr. Kim Xuan Nguyen, CCVI

Every discerner I've encountered and accompanied, no matter how healthy, must address psycho-sexual matters to thrive in missionary and consecrated life. If Behavioral Assessment gives us the tools to know and understand our discerners better, "Psycho-Sexual Integration", empowers us as vocation ministers with sound lived/academic/theological understandings during the discernment process to help our discerners to thrive, whatever life path they choose. If I had to single out one thing among so many, I suppose I would name "Twelve opportunities for intimacy" -- a very enlightening overview that is useful for discerners who may assume that intimacy is just not possible without physical intimacy and/or exclusive friendships.

–Mr. Gregory Darr, Upper Midwest Member Area Coordinator

The presenter had great notes to accompany all she said, thus making it very easy to follow.
She used real-life examples to explain her points. She was compassionate and didn’t shy away from difficult topics. She knew her material well, yet she could break it down for us so we could all understand. She held our attention for three straight days - that alone is a feat!
--Sr. Colleen Mattingly, A.S.C.J.

Sr. Lynn Levo was wonderful. She was engaging, knowledgeable, and made things understandable and practical. She was open both in her sharing and in responding to our questions and input. This workshop exceeded my expectations, which were pretty high entering it! Many people told me about Sr. Lynn and they were right on. It was informative and well-organized.

–Fr. Joseph Narog, O.S.A.

Workshops are designed from the NRVC curriculum for those who wish to deepen their understanding of the complex theological, spiritual, psycho-sexual, ethical, and diversity issues often present in contemporary vocation ministry. NRVC recommends that vocation ministers participate in ongoing educational opportunities to attend to their own vocation, faith formation, and to further develop their professional competencies. 

Questions about Summer Institute workshops?

Please contact Sr. Dina Bato, S.P. at dinasp@nrvc.net

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