NRVC member areas & committees

NRVC member areas & committees

NRVC member areas



There are 12 member areas designated for local gatherings, networking and professional development. NRVC members self-select a primary member area and a secondary member area. As a benefit of NRVC membership, members may attend gatherings and programs in any of the member areas at a special membership price. Potential members may attend select events for a higher price. 

NRVC members can obtain meeting dates, agendas, and minutes in the members only section of this website, listed under "Resources." Not a member? Call your member area coordinator or the NRVC director of member relations and services for more information on the benefits of belonging to an outstanding organization dedicated to religious vocation directors. NRVC has members in 20 countries beyond the United States.


NRVC member area coordinators

Deep South

Sister Vicki Lichtenauer, S.C. '17

Sister Monica Gundler, SC ‘14

Delaware Valley

Sister Celeste Mokrzycki, SSJ ‘15

Sister Maryanne Tracey, SC '17


Ms. Lori Benge ‘17

Mr. Len Uhal ‘15

Hudson Valley

Sister Anna Maria Lionetti, RSHM ‘14
914.631.8872, ext. 215

Sister Marie Mackey, CSJ ‘16

Lake Erie/Ohio River

Sister Monica Seaton, OSU '17
270.229.4103 ext. 218

Sister Mary Teresita Richards, SND ‘15


Sister Diane Roche, RSCJ '17

Sister Mindy Welding, IHM ‘15


Sister Maria Brizuela, OSF '14

Sister Connie Bach, PHJC ‘15

New England

Sister Natalie Cain, SSJ ‘15

Father Rocco Puopolo, SX ‘15

Pacific Northwest

Sister Michael Francine Duncan, SSMO ‘13

Sister Christine Still, OSF ‘15


Brother Jonathan Beebe, CSC '16

Sister Bridget Waldorf, SSND '17

Upper Midwest

Sister Edith Bogue, OSB ‘16

Mr. Gregory Darr '17

West Coast

Sister Mary Yun, OP '15

Brother Chris Patiño, FSC '16

International Members

NRVC members are also located in Bangladesh, Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Dominican Republic, France, Ghana, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Nigeria, Peru, Philippines, Trinidad and Tobago, Uganda, United Kingdom and Zambia.

Committees, advisory boards, and task forces

Committees, advisory boards, and task forces may be established by the National Board according to the needs expressed by the membership and prioritized by the National Board. Membership on committees, advisory boards, and task forces is determined by the National Board within the guidelines in the NRVC Procedures, if applicable or delegated to the executive director, director of member relations and services, or the executive committee. 

Black Religious Committee

The purpose of the Black Religious Committee is: to assist the NRVC members in their discernment with black candidates; to address particular interests and/or needs of black religious in relationship to vocation ministry; and to identity and research those issues related to black religious vocations. 

Members of the Black Religious Committee include: Sister Josita Colbert, S.N.D.deN.; Sister Gayle Lwanga Crumbley, R.G.S.; Sister Patricia Dual, O.P.; Sister Magdala Marie Gilbert, O.S.P.; Sister Chala Marie Hill, F.H.M.;  Friar Douglas McMillan, O.F.M. Conv.; and Sister Patricia Rogers, O.P.

Editorial Board

The Editorial Board serves in an advisory capacity to the NRVC content editor and executive director in matters pertaining to the publication of HORIZON and to the maintenance of the NRVC website. 

Members of the Editorial Board are: Ms. Margaret Cartwright; Father Tom McCarthy, O.S.A.; Brother Paul Michalenko, S.T.; Sister Elaine Penrice, F.S.P.; Sister Elyse Ramirez, O.P.; Sister Mary Rowell, C.S.J.; Mrs. Carol Schuck Scheiber (editor); Ms. Jennifer Tomshack; and Brother Tom Wendorf, S.M.

Finance Advisory Committee

The purpose of this committee is to assist and to advise the executive director and the National Board in fulfilling their responsibilities of overseeing the financial affairs of the National Religious Vocation Conference. 

Members of the Finance Advisory Committee include: Mrs. Maureen Cetera.; Sister Janice Bemowski, R.C.; Sister Anna Maria Espinosa; Ms. Melissa Keane-Smetana; Ms. Geraldine Smrcina; and Mr. Keith Zekind.

Resource Advisory Committee

The Resource Advisory Committee serves in an advisory capacity to the NRVC director of member relations and services in matters pertaining to vocation ministry resources available to both members and non-members. This includes downloadable digital resources and printed resources.  

Members of the Resource Advisory Committee include: Sister Deborah Borneman, S.S.C.M.; Brother Jonathan Beebe, C.S.C.; Sister Maria Brizuela, O.S.F.; Sister Michael Francine Duncan, S.S.M.O.; Father Adam MacDonald, S.V.D.; Mrs. Patrice Tuohy; Mr. Len Uhal; and Sister Mary Yun, O.P.

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NRVC Member Area


January 2018

NRVC Office closed

January 1-2; 15

Mid-Altantic Member Area Meeting

January 9; Washington D.C.

Southwest Member Area Meeting

February 18-21, 2018; San Antonio


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