Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission

Vision Statement

The National Religious Vocation Conference has a vision to set the world ablaze with the fire of God’s love through the prophetic, joyful witness of religious sisters, brothers, and priests as radical disciples of Jesus.

Mission Statement

The National Religious Vocation Conference is a catalyst for vocation discernment and the full flourishing of religious life as sisters, brothers, and priests for the ongoing transformation of the world.

More about NRVC

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NRVC's Global Reach infographic

The National Religious Vocation Conference is a professional organization of vocation ministers that presents religious life as a viable option in the Catholic Church. NRVC promotes vocation awareness, invitation, and discernment to life as a religious sister, brother, or priest. NRVC reflects all forms of religious life and provides educational opportunities, resources, and other supportive services for spiritual, professional, and personal growth.

Today the NRVC has an annual membership of nearly 1,000 women and men representing over 300 religious institutes, organizations and dioceses, most of whom are vocation ministers for religious congregations. 



The NRVC proclaims a positive and hopeful image of religious life in the Church and society, while affirming the call to holiness of each person.


The NRVC provides education, resources, networking, and support to its members and others involved in vocation work.


The NRVC promotes dialogue among national organizations concerned with Church vocations, in particular to religious life.


The National Religious Vocation Conference recognizes and values the diversity within our church and strives to be inclusive of this diversity in all of its endeavors and programs.


The National Religious Vocation Conference fosters dialogue on vocational issues with a variety of church organizations with special emphasis on those who serve young adults and parents.


The executive director, staff, and board of the NRVC ensure that the administrative responsibilities of the organization support and facilitate the purpose and mission of the organization.


The National Religious Vocation Conference marks January 1, 1988 as its birth date, yet it was dreamed about for many years before that. The NRVC combines the vision and strengths of two previously existing vocation organizations: the National Conference of Religious Vocation Directors (NCRVD), founded in 1964; and the National Sisters Vocation Conference (NSVC), founded in 1965.

In the fall of 1986, NSCV and NCRVD appointed a steering committee to create a new organization, to prepare a new constitution and to prepare a transition plan. Ratification of the National Religious Vocation Conference Constitution took place in September, 1987 and the organization, NRVC, formally began on January 1, 1988. 

In the spring of 1988, the interim NRVC board of directors, composed of members of the National Sisters Vocation Conference (NSVC) and the men’s National Conference of Religious Vocation Directors (NCRVD)--together with their respective executive directors, Sister Sharon Baudry, CSA and Sister Jeanne Schweickert, SSSF, finalized the structure of the National Religious Vocation Conference (NRVC).

Brother Joseph Samson, FMS, became the first NRVC executive director. Since then, NRVC has had the following executive directors: Sister Catherine Bertrand, SSND, Brother Paul Bednarczyk, CSC, and Sister Sharon Dillon, SSJ-TOSF. In April 2019, the NRVC Board voted for a team management model, announcing "the Holy Spirit is speaking clearly and God is calling us to embrace a move in an unexpected, courageous, and exciting new direction."

The current NRVC staff consists of Ms. Marge Argylelan, Sr. Deborah Borneman, SS.C.M., Mrs. Maureen Cetera and Mr. Phil Loftus. TrueQuest Communications is the publisher for all NRVC publications which includes HORIZON Journal published quarterly, Vision Vocaton Guide, Vision Vocation Match and Vocation Vocation Network. 

In the past ten years, NRVC has created several new strategies to provide resources and data to promote vocations:

  • 2007 launched the feature on our discerner website,​
  • ​2008 commissioned the first Study on Recent Vocations to Religious Life with CARA
  • 2010 coordinated the Moving Forward in Hope Symposium held at CTU to create a National Action Plan
  • 2012 commissioned the first Study on Educational Debt and Vocations to Religious Life with CARA
  • 2012 coordinated the Moving Forward in Hope: Keys to the Future process for vocation, formation and leadership
  • 2013 coordinated the Women Religious Moving Forward in Hope gathering for vocation directors and leadership
  • 2014 commissioned the Incorporating Cultural Diversity in Religious Life Study with CARA
  • 2014 coordinated the Men Religious Moving Forward in Hope gathering for vocation directors and leadership
  • 2014 created the National Fund for Catholic Religious Vocations (
  • 2015 created the NRVC Misericordia Fund to assist religious institutes with financial need for membership & workshops
  • 2015 commissioned the Study on the Role of the Family in Nurturing Vocations to Religious Life and the Priesthood with CARA
  • 2015 created Vocaciones sin Fronteras en un Mundo Cambiente (Vocations without Borders in a Changing World) workshop with Catholic Extension for Spanish speaking Sisters from Latin America
  • 2015 created the first international vocation conference for English speakers in Rome
  • 2015 created the Today's Catholic Sisters Symposia on four college campuses
  • 2016 created the Vocation Ambassadors Program for vocation directors, communicators and millennials
  • 2017 collaborated with NFCYM to create vocation promotion events at the National Catholic Youth Conference
  • 2017 attended the Vocation Ministry and Consecrated Life: Horizons and Hopes sponsored by CICLSAL
  • 2018 NRVC celebrates its 30th anniversary with over 1,000 members (31% increase since 2014)
  • 2018 revised Code of Ethics for Vocation Ministry
  • 2018 record attendance at Summer Institute with 169 registrations for 5 workshops
  • 2018 held the first Roots of Racism: Implications for Candidate Assessment and Integration into Vowed Communal Life in partnership with the Mexican American Catholic College
  • 2019 magnified our collective digital footprint with over 50 videos on the NRVC YouTube Channel
  • 2019 Began the work of the 2020 NRVC/CARA Study on Recent Trends in Newer Vocations to Religious Life

Contact Us

National Religious Vocation Conference (NRVC)
5401 South Cornell Avenue, Suite 207
Chicago, IL 60615
Phone: 773.363.5454
Click here to see a map showing where we are located.

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