VISION Vocation Guide

VISION Vocation Guide

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VISION Vocation Guide

The NRVC's award-winning website has helped generations of Catholics discern where God is calling them. Let us help you!

Explore Catholic vocations and life as a Catholic sister, nun, brother, and priest

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Discernment means moving forward through the grey of life according to the will of God.--Pope Francis


More about VISION

VISION is an annual print and multimedia vocation guide published by the National Religious Vocation Conference. NRVC publishes VISION through the assistance of TrueQuest Communications.

VISION's mission is to help those considering religious life explore their vocation options and to connect them with religious community vocation directors who can help them in their discernment:


  • a respected guide with insightful features and informational articles
  • a robust, multi-lingual website with hundreds of resources for those in discernment
  • the sponsor of the award-winning Vocation Match service that helps discerners explore their vocation options
  • an expansive social network with article and video posts and active reader engagement

VISION has won numerous awards from the Catholic Press Association and the Associated Church Press. In addition, its website has been named a top ten vocation website by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.

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For Vocation Directors: How VISION Vocation Guide works for you


Powerpoint presentation for new Vocation Directors

Discerners: Click here

Vocation Directors: VISION is designed especially for you to grow Vocations

Many hands make VISION possible

It takes many hands to produce VISION and provide NRVC’s extensive ongoing outreach to discerners, parishes, campus ministers, and vocation ministers.

  • First we have NRVC and its members, who support our efforts through advertising, article ideas, and helping to get VISION to discerners.
  • Next is TrueQuest Communications, who NRVC contracts to manage the VISION ministry. TrueQuest has a team of writers, editors, and designers on staff to produce content and promote VISION.
  • TrueQuest, in turn, contracts ideaPort to program our online features and keep the VISION Vocation Network humming.


In addition to our core team, the VISION Vocation Ministry has essential stakeholders that both serve and look to for support.

  • Community Sponsors: We connect participating religious communities to discerners. In turn, we rely on religious institutes and other vocation-related organizations to make VISION possible through their advertising dollars.
  • Discerners: Thousands of discerners look to VISION as are reliable and comprehensive resource for vocation discernment each year. Their participation and engagement is the main focus of our ministry
  • Parish & Campus Ministry: VISION is freely distributed each year to parishes, universities, campus ministry offices, retreat centers, and vocation teams. We welcome the collaboration of the these “gatekeepers” in promoting religious vocations.

More than an annual guide

VISION has grown over the years into much more than the annual printed guide. Our website, receives hundreds of thousands of visits each year and features a wealth of material for discerners and those in vocation ministry, including a comprehensive article index and many popular interactive features, including:

  • Comprehensive online library with hundreds of articles on prayer & discernment, profiles of men and women religious, and other vocation discernment essentials.
  • Vocation Match, a sophisticated interactive service that matches discerners with participating religious communities based on their profiles.
  • Events Calendar of vocation-related and other events sponsored by or featuring men and women religious and linked to a community’s online listing.
  • Community Search that allows our database of participating organizations to be searched using keywords.
  • Spirituality and Celibacy Quizzes and the Question Catholics Ask blog.

Extensive reach

VISION’s reach is extensive. We are constantly working to engage discerners in new and varied ways: online, in print, at conferences, and via social networking. We feature several hundred VIDEOS of men’s and women’s communities and other participating organizations. We also produce short videos on prayer and discernment and religious life based on VISION articles. If your community has not submitted a short video to run alongside your VISION listing, we encourage you to do so to increase VISION reader engagement. VISION is also available in digital format online that can be viewed and shared. We also encourage you to post your events throughout the year to get the word out to potential candidates and increase your opportunity for one-on-one connections with discerners. 

Reader statistics

All of our outreach and engagement result in real numbers each year.

Many of these statistics are available to you in real time, particularly our Reader Demographics based on completed VISION profiles, and Reader Engagement for Advertisers found in the Advertiser Area. Here is a quick view of how to access that information.

Reader Stats:


Toot your own horn

VISION is your resource, NRVC Members! And it is award-winning year after year. We are recognized as a top Vocation website by the USCCB and the Catholic Media Association has named us Best Magazine, Best Website, Best E-Newsletter, Best Feature, Best Photostory, Best Blog. So we are very proud of the work that we do and are grateful for your support in making VISION and Vocation Network the premiere resource for those discerning a religious vocation.


Youtube videos for VISION advertisers

How to access the Advertiser Area

Updating your Vocation Match profile


Contact Patrice Tuohy for more information.

VISION statistics: Look who is interested in religious life

VISION reader statistics


Each year approximately 5,000 men and women create online profiles through the NRVC's online VISION Vocation Match and Community Search. Learn more about the characteristics of each year's newest inquirers into religious life by reviewing our current and archived reader statistics.


Discerners: Click here to learn about essential VISION vocation tools

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Sponsorship and article ideas

Benefits of VISION

If your community is actively seeking new members, then we urge you to be part of the NRVC's VISION Vocation Guide, one of the most widely circulated Catholic publications in the U.S. and the most comprehensive religious vocation discernment guide worldwide.

Learn more about the benefits of VISION Sponsorship here.

As an NRVC member, special benefits apply, including special weighting in online searches and advertising discounts for new or returning members who upgrade or increase their presences in VISION.


Discerners: Click here for vocation information.

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