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Our new executive director

The NRVC board is pleased to introduce NRVC's new executive director, Sister Sharon Dillon, S.S.J.-T.O.S.F., who begins her tenure full-time on June 1, 2017. Read more

Vocation Ambassadors program

NRVC will offer the Vocation Ambassadors Program for teams of vocation ministers, communicators, and Catholic millennials to learn communication skills and social media platforms to communicate the clear message of the vitality of vocations to religious life. A four day workshop, Share the Sacred, will be offered June 9-12, 2017.

NRVC members must apply by March 25th to enter the selection process. Applications can be accessed here. More information about the Vocation Ambassadors Program is available here.

 Mark your calendar

Religious Brothers Day

May 1, 2017

World Day of Prayer for Vocations

May 7, 2017

Vocation Ambassadors Program

June 9-12, 2017

NRVC Summer Institute

July 10-25, 2017

NRVC Fall Institute

October 11-21, 2017

National Vocation Awareness Week

November 5-11, 2017


November 16-18, 2017

World Day for Consecrated Life

February 2, 2018

National Catholic Sisters Week

March 8-14, 2018

NRVC Convocation 

November 1-5, 2018

Religious Brothers Day



In preparation for Religious Brothers Day on May 1st,  a prayer card was commissioned to focus on the vocation of brothers—a gift given by God, received by the brothers, and shared with others. Prayer Services are also available here. This inaugural day of prayer and celebration is a collaborative effort from the Brothers Think Tank, comprised of members from the Conference of Major Superiors of Men, Religious Brothers Conference, National Religious Vocations Conference, and Religious Formation Conference.

New resources

The downloadable handout Statistics on Recent Vocations to Religious Life and the Priesthood  has been updated for presentations to inform the public as well as members of your religious institute about recent vocation trends. 

Other newer resources to promote vocations among inquirers and discerners: 

Screening and Discernment Instrument by Sr. Amy Hereford, CSJ, JL, JCL

Discerning Your Vocation: Religious Life and Diocesan Priesthood by Sr. Kathleen Bryant, R.S.C. 

Both can be purchased here

2017 Workshops

Vocation Ambassadors Program: June 9-12

Behavioral Assessment 1: July 10-12

Ethical Issues: July 14-15

Psychosexual Integration: July 17-20

Orientation Program: July 21-25

Orientation Program: Oct. 11-15

Behavioral Assessment I: Oct. 16-18

Behavioral Assessment II: Oct. 20-21



March 2017 

Member area meetings

March 6: Mid-Atlantic and West Coast, March 27: Hudson Valley

NFCRV Applications accepted

January 9 - March 13

Vocation Ambasssadors Program Applications accepted

February 1 - March 25

NRVC Board Meeting

March 26-30


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