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2015 Workshops & Programs

This year, NRVC is offering nine programs for professional development through its comprehensive Summer and Fall Institutes, as well as Advent Days for Renewal and Reflection. Read more . . .


Summer Days of Service

As part of the Year of Consecrated Life, women and men religious are providing collaborative service immersion programs around the country. A Habitat for Humanity house construction project in the Archdiocese of Louisville involves 26 religious orders. Read more...

 Did you know?

On average, women and men first consider a vocation to religious life at the age of 18. This has been validated in the USCCB/CARA Profession Class (2014) and Ordination Class (2015) reports, the USCCB/CARA Consideration of Priesthood and Religious Life among Never Married U.S. Catholics (2012) report, and the NRVC/CARA Study on Recent Vocations to Religious Life (2009) report. Read more...

NRVC publications win awards

NRVC is proud to announce that its two publications, HORIZON and VISION Catholic Religious Vocation Discernment Guide, were recognized by the Catholic Press Association (CPA) with eight awards for excellence in Catholic journalism. On behalf of all NRVC members, we congratulate Carol Schuck-Scheiber, Patrice Tuohy, our editorial boards, authors, and staffs of TrueQuest Communications and ideaPort LLC (web design and programming company) for their fantastic accomplishments this past year! Click here to see our awards.

New Website Section

New for NRVC members as a benefit of membership is a Members only section which contains downloadable resources, Region minutes and dates, and assessment forms. This section is under construction as members continue to share best practices for posting. To access this area, go to the Menu bar under Membership, Members Only. 

NCYC Registration for Vocation Teams & Exhibitors

Good Shepherd SundayRegistration for vocation teams and exhibitors at the National Catholic Youth Conference is now open. For more information about this collaborative way to promote vocations to religious life among the young church, click here.



July 2015

July 17-18

Behavioral Assessment 2 Workshop, Chicago

July 20-22

Behavioral Assessment 1 Workshop, Chicago

July 24-28

Orientation Program for New Vocation Directors Workshop, Chicago

July 29-31

Family of Origin Issues Workshop, Chicago