Reports from board, executive director

Reports from board, executive director

Updates from NRVC leadership

The board at its February meeting in Columbia, Illinois.

The NRVC Board met February 11-13 in Columbia, Illinois, where it:

  • Reviewed finances and budgets for this year and next.
  • Received reports from staff, committees, and contractors.
  • Reviewed and revised the strategic plan in light of stakeholder feedback. More such feedback will be sought.
  • Finalized revisions to the NRVC code of ethics for vocation ministers, which will be updated and distributed.
  • Voted to encourage creative member area programming by allowing funding requests up until 30 days prior to an event instead of 90 days prior.

Members of NRVC can read the full board report here.

Following the latest board meeting, NRVC's executive director, Sister Sharon Dillon, S.S.J.-T.O.S.F., has provided a downloadable update, which includes her thoughts on the national context, strategic planning, development efforts, and more.

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