Pray for our benefactors

Pray for our benefactors

They've shared their intentions

NRVC asks its members to please pray for the following intentions, sent to us by our donors. Click here for a full list of all benefactor intentions.

  • Tony N. in Georgia – that his children find Jesus.
  • Mary R. in South Carolina – for her husband’s recovery and for world peace.
  • Mary Ann R. in New York – for living and deceased family members, for Linda who is suffering from cancer, for Gene and James.
  • Dan M. in Ohio – for family, friends, and pets. 
  • Laurence F. in Illinois – for the repose of the souls of Nick, Rita, Michael, and Uncle Bart,
  • Sister Antonia in New Jersey – for her special intentions.
  • Dan M. in Ohio – for the security of his family.
  • Stanley D. in Texas – for all those trying to discern God’s call.
  • John E. in Pennsylvania – for his daughter’s pregnancy and the health of friends and family.
  • Alfred D. in California – for the health and happiness of friends and family and in thanksgiving.
  • Lucille in Illinois – for all those suffering from Parkinson’s disease and for their families.

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