Fall Institute educates 59

Fall Institute educates 59

Next workshop in February

NRVC brought together 59 vocation ministers October 11-21 in Leavenworth, Kansas for training in behavioral assessment and orientation to the ministry.  One participant wrote: 

My expectations were widely fulfilled. The resources used were appropriate; they helped me to understand and deepen each topic. Very good selection of content and very well explained. Enough time to integrate the concepts, time to share with others, and time to pray with them. Thank you for everything!" — Sister Monica Darrichon, S.Sp.S.

The next opportunity for professional education will be February 20-22, 2018 at the Mexican American Catholic College in San Antonio, Texas. A workshop there will address issues of race, cuture, and new candidates. Watch for details in this newsletter.

Just a few of the 59 vocation directors who took advantage of NRVC's Fall Institute this year.

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