Annual Report

Annual Report

A time of transition and growth


2018 NRVC Annual Report
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Dear NRVC members,
​friends, and benefactors, 

Happy Anniversary! For 30 years, the NRVC has been providing essential services, programs, and resources for its members, for those in vocation ministry, and for those discerning a vocation to religious life. This year was no different in that respect. The summary of our highlights and initiatives showcases our diverse offerings and efforts to promote and sustain religious life.
     We also spent this milestone year developing a strategic plan to build on our legacy and lay a strong foundation for the next 30 years.
   Strategic planning is a grueling process that requires significant time, creative thinking, patience, and most important, humility, which I humbly submit, the members or our organization know a thing or two about. As students of humility, we appreciate the value of honestly assessing our strengths and weaknesses and understanding our relationships with others and our role in the bigger picture. The result of our year-long efforts, which we presented at the 2018 Convocation in Buffalo, is a newly crafted vision and mission statement along with an updated statement of purpose and values, and strategic goals for the next five years (see back cover, page 14). 
    As we head into our 31st year, I want to assure all of you—our members, friends, and benefactors—of our deep gratitude for the important work you do and your support of our work. 
    Saint Julie Billiart, the founder of my community, the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur,  advised our early sisters: “For goodness sake, let us use well the time the good God gives us ... animate all your actions to achieve His greater glory.” You can rest assured that the NRVC is using our time well on your behalf and on behalf of the universal church.

Sister Kristin Matthes, SNDdeN
NRVC Board Chair


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