Board selects new chair, vice chairs, and members

Board selects new chair, vice chairs, and members

At March 2021 meeting

Top row: Mindy Welding, I.H.M., chair; and vice chairs Father Adam MacDonald, S.V.D., and Sister Belinda Monahan, O.S.B.
Bottom row: Ms. Nancy Costello, Sister Nicole Trahan, F.M.I., Sister Cheryl Wint, O.S.F., and Sister Mary Yun, O.P.

At its March meeting, the NRVC board appointed a new chair and vice chairs, effective immediately, and selected four new members who will begin serving in the fall. The new executive committee now consists of Sister Mindy Welding, I.H.M., chair; and vice chairs Father Adam MacDonald, S.V.D. and Sister Belinda Monahan, O.S.B., and Sister Deborah Borneman, SS.C.M., ex officio.

The new board members to begin serving in the fall are Ms. Nancy Costello, a former Region 3 NRVC coordinator who works in communications and vocations for the Cabrini Sisters; Sister Nicole Trahan, F.M.I., who has published vocation related articles in HORIZON and elsewhere; Sister Cheryl Wint, O.S.F., of the Hudson Valley Member Area, and Sister Mary Yun, O.P., former coordinator of the West Coast Member Area. Congratulations to all, and warm thanks to Sister Kristin Matthes, S.N.D.deN., who has completed her service as board chair.

Published on: 2021-03-23

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